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8 October 1917 first [indecipherable] in Austrian Theather. This Hall has been build by a Syndicate of Austr. Internees, wich however run short on Capital after spending 200 £, Upon an application the remainder of the necessary money, to finish this Hall, the money wher granted by the Canteen Comptrollor, to be taken out of the Camp Canteen funds, to be repayd 14 £ weekly to Canteen. About this time Menke died in Camp Hosp. This Gentleman wher the only surviving Member of the World Known St Mathias Expedition South Sea, wher all the Members got murdered by the Natives but this Gentleman. 700 0 arrived from New Guinea for poor Internees. During this month a String Band consisting of Proffessionals Prof Sauer gawe every Sunday afternoon a free Concert in the Austrian Hall to help the long & weary Sunday to pass away. 427 Internees arrived from West Aust & Victoria respektively. Two of this batch, Austrianes by Nationality, when entering Camp, got a hiding by their Countryman for hawing denied the Austrian flag & hawing sidet with Austrian Enemys. They had to seek medical attendance & Keept in Hospital. The Authority hawing been notified, that even this two ever entered Camp something more serious would happen, as they hawing denied in W.A. to bring Austrians, but Serbs, also hawing tried to enlist in the A.I.F. so therefore enemys to our camp. When those two got convalescent, as their wher no other camp for them, they wher put into Singh Singh, to brood over their past foolishnes to deny their Birthright. 17.22 Continual Rain made the Camp a Sea of mud. 24/A internee tried to comitt suicide, by cutting his troat

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