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whereas we, who are without means, do not get a hot bath. The Criminals in jail are not exposed to the Weather, whereas our sheds are open and expose us to all clemencies of the weather. The sheds being unbearable, hot in sumertime and absolutely unfitt for human habitation during cold or rainy Weather. The Criminals in jail live in hygenic houses, wheras during the slightest  €“ Wind we live in a hell of dust without any cover or protection against the bacteria and germladen dust. The Criminals in jail are allowed to take their meals in clean cells, their food being cooked in clean Kitchens and carried along clean and dustfree passages, wheras we hawe to carry our food through rain, sunshine or dust storms into the dustcovered 9 X 2 feet shed space, wher we hawe to eat it, notwithstanding that the bacteria & germ originating from the sputun of tubercoilose persones, from the urinals wich hawe free access to. The Criminals in jail live in quite cells, wheras we are herdet together so closely that the continual noise of a multitude, confined on a smal space is several trying & nervous. For above reasones every one wich is perfectly true description of the conditiones excisting hier. The wiche of a large majority of the Civil Internees of this Camp is to be able to exchange this hygenically & sanitoraly unbearable place with the jail, wich is in comparission to our mode of living would be far prefferable in this respekt. But we the undersigned do not intend to committ any breaches of the law for the purposes of getting into better sanitary & hygenic conditions by a conviction to a term of imprisonment. During 3 years of internement all petitiones for improvements hawe been unsuccessfull in this respekt. In spite of all promisses, no improvements

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