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meat extra for dinner & tea in the afternoon. All this food got cooked in the same pott. Same hardly wher washed out & cleaned, when the Cooks required them again for the next meal. The writers wiches heir, to inform the reader, that any provissiones either quantittes or qualities due to us, through the neglect of the Authorities, wherever made up so is it a wonder, that hunger is at, "home in this Camp. 14/ The Tombstone Committee notified the Camp this day that the application, to be permitted to errect tombstones on the graves of deceased Internees had been refused by Deffence Department. So the graves of the unfortunate deceased Internees at Liverpool & Rookwood had to remain bare. So the Committee & wher compelled to hand over the Money collected in different sources of the Camp over tho the Swiss Council to hawe the Stones errected on the Internees behalf when the restrictions are removed. Up till the time of writing only the graves of 3 deceased Internees are decorated with tombstones, prented by the Camp. Another Internee (Siegfried) made a bolt bid for liberty (state account of Newspaper). That my complaints, re the administration of our Camp by the Authorities are justified, has been proven by the Royal Commission inaugurated by the Public. How could the Commonwealth of Australia, expect, to hawe proper administration in their Deffence Departement, when the Head official in this Department an excarpenter (State account of Daily). On the 14th All austrians wher called into the enquirey office, before a Military Tribunal & asked if they intendet to remain in Australia, or demandet repatriation. About 20&percnt expressed their desire to remain. In a good few instances those who wiched to remain, only are compelled by circumstances, as

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