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the butthook must hawe passed out again yet I could not notic anything as the botthook was covered with blood. The Doctor also dit not wishe that we should know to he emidiately wrapped some bandages around it & sayd bullet is inside But now it happens that several of us had seen how the shot after it fullfilled its purpose must hawe struck the earth a pace to half from Gustave Schroder Aug Hutt to myself pain the same moment the sand flew up at the spot five paces from Schwartz, it then struck the earth, made a smal, long hole & must hawe flewn still further again. This is the second time, that a bullet has made its way in my close vicinity. Now we shall wait for the 3rd time, perhaps the Authoritys, still hawe another bullet in store & that is what one calls "Fate at any rate after 4  ½ years imprisonement under the loyal english flag, it is certainly not pleasant.

After Schwartz had been taken to the hospital we wher again hunted out of the Compound, during wich operation, the well trained soldiers in their excitement fired 2 more shots without causing any more damage. Now our Wigwams were examined & after 15 minutes the Australian Armie & the police force withdrew, with a captured still, propably the purpose of the whole affair. I say however, propably The whole affair, the shooting includet made a somewhat suspicious impression upon us, perticular, because the shot was fired imidiately the coast was clear; the fire wich was meanwhile had been extinguished, had remowed a third of the fence. Unfortunately we wher unable to take part in the extinquishing it. Tomorrow morning first thing will begin the usual nonsense with inquiries ectra. In regard to our departure tomorrow, it seems nothing will eventuate, perhaps instead of going to Germany, we shall go to Darlinghurst, but a [indecipherable] trip anyhow. Frank Krist & I looked somewhat closer to the Herd (a real Larriking about 20 & particular his face. The little monkey threatens us mowe or I'll kill another one of you Bastards. Many greetings (Name)

Eywitness statement regarding Schwarz shooting Singh Singh

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