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this sayd Gentleman got excited & taking his hat he left the Camp. Some Internees who had waited a considerable time outside the office, sayd Come back our Governement pays you to listen to our complaint. With the words of "I never toke a Penny of a German get, he left, to come back again only a month later. As the Gentleman is in Busness & not a Diplomat it stands to reason, that for buisness reason & his porket he mast side with the majority of the australian population, wich had been teached through the medium of the Press to hate anything wich is German or had German a conection. To the Writer it is amusing to read of the account in the Press re the issue of this booklet by the Deffence Departement of treatement the Prisoner recieved in Australian Internement Camps left so much to be desired. As stated on several occasion, the writer has not excagerated anything wich has happened in this Camp, but writes only facts, to wich he can swear to & to wich he can procure evidence, if needs be to prove the facts. On the 11th A Internee (Kruger recieved corespondence of a doktor also of Private people residing in Brisbane that his fiancee lay dying & Recption calling for him, was the Queensland Military Authorities wich had been aproached by those people to grant the Internee permission to visit had been refused, they advised him to apply hier. This Internee aplied of Captain Bardsly permission to proceed to Brisbane under guard, untertaking to cover all necessary expences. This however got blankly refused. Upon several request however they granted him permission to forward two telegrams, one to the doctor, one to the Deffence Departement asking for permission to proceed to Brisbane to enable him to see his fiancee, previously to the worst happening During the

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