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also Trial Bay Compound forcibly broke the Rule Not to converse with each other. About 20 Internees suffered with arrest, inmates of both Camps & placed in the Lockup on a bread & water diet. Though a few suffered, the Internees gained their object in exchanging words with their fellow Internees. The Guards inside of both fences received Reinforcement fully armed & strict orders to carry out the Rule issued to us. Their wher 500 Internees on one side & about 3000 on the other, however made this impossible. Allong both fences several Internees playd all kinds of instruments or sang german patriotic songs. Some Internees even sang "It's a long way to Tipparary, but to Berlin is further still, you might get to Tipparary but to Berlin you never will [indecipherable]" a ditto manufactured in this Camp. As a result of the music along the fence of the Main Compound 2 Acordeones & one Bass got confiscated by the Military Police. During this month July our issue of Butter wher very irregular. On some ocassion our issue wher 4-5 days late, we never had those days compensated with more quality, but got the same rationes. Our Butter issue consisted of II grade Butter only ours. All other issue wher uneatable stuff. The Qatermaster called this stuff Margarine but the Internees called it Monkey grease. The difference between this stuff called margarine wher like soap & cheese. On account of this uneatable stuff issue the Camp Represan-

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