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when the result as formerly stated. On this evening the Camp Inmates heard 2 sharp shots fired between 9-10pm. This caused as usual great excitement to allmost all men in the direction wher the reports had come from. Hier they found 3 Internees sitting beside the inside of the Wirefence, covered by the Guard on sentery duty on the other side with his rifle. 2 of those Internees wher Australian born while the other wher a German. About 20 Military Police arrived & escorted same to the Lockup waiting for transportation to the Darlinghurst Jail to await their trial by Courtmarshial. On the writer making closer enquiries of this escape he has come to the following conclusion. 7 Internees wich wher disgusted with the treatement recieved by the Authoritys in charge of this Camp, & wished to try an escape to get a change of this monotious mode of life even if they wher unsuxcessfull the would get the [indecipherable] in Camp desired trip to Darlinghurst Jail, wich allthough a Jail & under Jail Rules wher far superior to the Rules as dealt out to us Internees. When those 7 came in indian file close to the fence, the guard noticed &* challenged them to Halt, at the same time firing two shots in the air for asistance. Four of those would be escapees thinking the guard fired to kill as usual they turned & run as fast as they could, to get out of harms way. So the four remained in our midst wile the other three wher sentenced to 28 days Darlinghurst Jail. During this week, the Camp inmates suffered heavily with Infleuzer & in consequence the Hospital wher overfilled, patients had to occupy the floor space

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