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guard if necessary at the funeral, also this request has been refused. A person interned in this Camp, can notice to wich dirty actiones, deterimental to humanity & Civilication or Governement is able to stoope down to, to affect their unknown,persones reasones & purposses. The worst of it all is, that the spite used, affects Civilian Internees, only about 180 are Governement Imperial Soldiers, taken from the H.M.S. Emden & from China. This The majority of the Internees Citizens of same in some instances even since birth at the comencement of hostilities in Europe in 1917. As a punishment of their Birthright their wher herdet together [and] treatened worse than Criminals. And that in a Civilicat country, wich boasts of a flag wich has allways lectured on Fairplay & Justice. "I hawe allways expected to find civilication & humanity in Australia, but since my in ernement, I hawe noticed that this is foreign to the Federal Governement of Australasia, else he would not submitt to transactiones, as have been narrated truthfully previously & to follow in this book, I leave it to the readers themselves to judge if I am justified in saing so or not. At the end of hostilities I am positive that the majority of the formerly residents of Australia, will demand their repatriation to enable them to shake the dust of Australia of their boots never to see it again. In some instances the family, all australian born, will accompany them to another part of the Globe. As Australia is thinly populated

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