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the distination of repatriation wher the following Countrys. Germany, Bulgaria, Austria, Ungary & Turkey. About 30% put in their Names to remain in Australia. Also in this instance, like in the Austrians their wher several who remain in Australia for the same purposse, includet in this percentage are the born Australians also interned amongst us.

Feb 1  €“ Each Company Comander had a list issued by the Military Authorities to aske the N.S.W. Internees & put down in writing on same answer the on the following questiones. Wher are you intendet to be send to? Are you married or single? Nationality of Wife? Children (how many). The Adress of the Wife? On Febr the 4th on account of the Newspaper scare of the epedemic called Influenca or flu) the N.S.W. Governement toke drastic action & put the State into quarantine. In consequence thereof, this Camp wher quarantined also & shutt of from the outside world alltogether. The Butcher who generally delivered the Meat for the Camp outside out Kitchens, had to remain at the speciyfied distance. To a soldier drove same into the Camp. When empty, he returned to the place wher the original driver wher waiting. This same rule adhered to all other business vehicles. On this day, the Internees of the Sing Singh compound, becourse the Military Police suspekted the inmates thereof to being in the posession of an illicit still wher ordered to come outside the compound & to remain between the barbwire fence & the high fence covered with bushe, so that the inmates of same wher prevented from viewing the general compound. A heavy guard wher stationed at both sides while about 40 Police & Soldiers entered Singh Singh

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