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with a rasor. He wher taken to hospt & Keept for treatement. Nov 2 Senator Pearce, the Minister of Defence wisits to Conc. Camp. This hon. Gentleman however only viewed the Camp from outside, as to our estimation he wher afraid to enter Camp, to meet our Committee, & being compelled to listen to our numerous & just complaints, regarding treatement in general, food & clothing. 9 One Internee digged a hohle in Excercise ground with a piece of wood, for passtime & to break the monotony, also to ocupy his mind. The guard on the observation tower noticed his action. He telephoned to the Police, wich came & arrested him, & under the charge of trying to escape, he wher sentenced to 17 days lockup. 10 On account of big prices ruling in the Canteen for vinegar a few Internees venegar in the compound. The apparat wher confiscated by Police under the Order, that some gets used to distill Whiskey. This day 40 Internees arrived in Sydney from fiji, South Sea Isl. Amongst those wher several Families, wich got torn from their property & home under the Imperial Order to be interned in Australia, becourse they happen to be born in Germany. 8 of those came to this Camp 32 wher escorted to the Bourke Camp wher all the Families & Females are Keept interned by the Australian Governement. During this month, the dust nuisance wher allmost unbearable in this Camp. With regard to this, the Comittee made another complaint to those Official in charge of this Camp & our internement. 19 The Internees of the Bourke Camp applied to this Camp for Xmass presents for the Children interned their, as in that Camp their wher 50 Juveniles, 8 having been born behind Barbwire. A small collection resulted in getting the 21 going Camp Shool.

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