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tation wher forced to complain again to the Authorities in charge of the Internees in Australia state all corespondence

Letter of Protest: answer recieved wher Reffering to your recent complaint regarding the issue of margarine you are hereby advised that this particular ration may be either Butter Margarine or lard & you are directed to inform the Committee that ay one of these substances is the authorised ration Sign. R. Hollman Lieut. Col. Com. Conc. Camp Headquaters Liverpool 19 July 1918. The following day the following Notice wher issued to the Internees July 20th 1918. The quatermaster has consented that smal Milktins issued today may be retained by the Internees. The large tins issued today i.e. 4 to each company must be returned. In future all tins large & smal will hawe to be returned to the store. Signed Molloy Quatermaster. 21/ this being Sunday several Internees from Sydney or in the sorounding district wher expecting their usual 14 days visits of their Wifes & Children. To our surprise we noticed the military erecting 6 smal tents. When the visitores arrived & previously to the same being permitted to proceed to wher their Husband wher awaiting them in the Cattle paddoc called visiting ground, they had to enter one of these tents to undergo a close search, the search wher carried out by Lady searcher, who had come out from Sydney special for this occassion under Orders of the Camp Comandant. Mostly all the Wifes of the Internees in most instances Australian born refused to under this barbarous treatements preffered to return home to their homes without seeing their husband, than to humiliate themselves to be treated in the style of a convict. As it is imaginable the Husband Internees returned in a rage, about the actiones of the Government & the Authoritys in charge of Internees expecting their wifes to undergoe this shamefull treatement. The reasones for the Lady searchers, wher unwarrantable, as all the wifes visitores wher Wifes Civilian Internees is not Pris of War, unless the Federal Governement wished to spend some of the War loom uneccessaryly

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