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refused to fall in on parade to be counted as previously 2 times per diem but to get their  ¼ pint of tea without being counted. But as a suprise Partie 1 Captain with several Military Police entered Camp & wendet their way to the Kitchens. Upon seeing the large Pots wich contained the so called tea, standing outside ready to be issued. The Lieutenant ordered the Cooks, to pour all the tea on the round, wich request they in a body however refused. Theirupon this Officer issued orders to the Military Police to pour the tea on the ground, wich order of course wher instantly obyed. In consequence, the tea run all over the ground in all directions. I do not say, that they wher not justified in doing so, however I think it most unjust & detrimental to our health, as the tea leafs will remain laying all over the overfilled Camp untill the mercifull wind blows it away, as their action will never asist of the wellbeing of the Camp & the desired harmony between the Internees & Officials & the socalled Flu all over Australia 22pts not to hawe another occurence as the previous nights the Internees wendet their way to the Kitchen previously the Bugle call & recieved their Coffee.

During the Working Parade the Officials & guards turned up, however no Internees as being civilian Internees & could not be compelled to work for underpayd wages had decidet to remain in Camp, as a protest of the unjustified punishment, as the Camp had been punishet without the sanction of the visitor as per Rules & regulationes. So the Camp authorities called the Camp on Strike "Sanitary Gang however wher willing to continues in the interesse of the Camp however refused to attend to the arrangements excisting previously to the Soldiers Camp, also all the Kitchen Members remained. During the whole day no issue of any food stuff entered our Camp with the exception of Meat & bread. On Sunday the

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