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to effect or search. While those wher searching a Inmate of Singh singh sett a light to the dry bushe fence wich wher about 8 feet away from the Barbwire fence & in an instant the fence caught alight. The Soldiers inside the Compund rushed out, to subdue the flames. The inmates wher returned into the Compound & secretly looked in. While the soldiers wher fighting the flames the Internees inside the Compound shouted for yoy, as now they would be able to look a bit further than 8 yards behind the wire fence. The Soldier on guard on one of the towers, as one tower with a running Bridge wher especialy build, one on each corner, to enable the authority to keep a close vigilance on the inmates of the Sing Singh compound, told the Prisoner to decist in shouting a change of a few words to Replace between both parties, with the result tat bad expressiones got used on both sides, with the result that the Guard fired between the Internees. One Internee (Schwartz) who wher interned into Singh Singh becourse he wher a member of the Industrial Workers of the world Socity about 2 years ago, got shot through the right leg, the bullet going right through the bone. The woundet Men got attendet by the Internees & half hour after taken to the hospital to receive medical attention wher he remained. In consequence of this unjustified shooting the inmates got angry, as the fault had layd on both sides as it wher the soldiers duty if insulted by an Internee to report to his superior officer & hawe same punished. So when the fire wher extinguished the Prisoners wher ordered to come outside of their compound again, so that the Soldiers could

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