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them to buy some cigarettes 7/ the Singh Singh internees wher tried by Court marshial at the Darlinghurst jail, (State account of Sydney Daily) 8/ Several Internees managed to escape by cutting the barbwire under the following circumstances, as on this Night the Camp Band gawe a Concert in the pavillion wich is about 15 yards of the Barbwire, the guard on duty their listened to the music, & so neglected his beat", this advantaged the Internees used to got away unnoticed. They cut a hohle big enough for a Man with a wheelbarrow to go through. The hohle only got discovered the next morning by Military Police. The next day 2 Internees got recaptured at a town 10 miles away from hier & placed in the town lockup, Liverpool & transferred next day to Camp for Courtmarshial 10/ This day for the first time our Breadrationes got carted into Camp & delivered at the Corner of each Barracks. Up till now 2 Internees from each CP had to beat the maingate at 6 a.m, to proceed to the Store, wher they would recieve the breadration for 100 Internees of their Company. To make it easy, they put into a big bag & slung same unto a Pole, & shouldering same they returned to Camp. In some cases a quarter of a mile to their barraks, As this wher without pay, the Internees in each Barrak toke it in turns, those who dit not like to go found soon a willing one for the[indecipherable] of 3 pence. 13/ 4 Internees tried to escape by the same means & ways as the last ones Who effected their escape. They had cut the wires & wher allready through the fence, however this time the Guard dit not listened to the music, but wher on the

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