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use untruths to affect his purposse. On the 21st the following notice wher issued to this Camp. Alien enemys who ar released from the Concentration Camps must understand, that the fact of release is no guarantee, that they will not afterwards be deported or repatriated. A decission to the compulsory repatriation of alien enemys may not be reached untill the terms of the Peace Conference are Known. Signed G.A.H. Hollborrow Major Comandant G.C.C.

27/ This the day of the Birthday of the German Emperor. To honor the day. The band blew Reveile at six a.m. also giwing selectiones in the Camp. At 10 o'clock wher Church with patriotic sermon at 2p.m. Happy gathering of the German Reservists & Recruits in the Germ Gymnastic hall, a double spacious building build by the Germ. Turnverein Members. The String band gawe selectiones, while the Internees listened to patriotic speaches & drinking coffee & eating cakes to their hearts content. This all wher free as a collection wich had been made in the Camp wher sufficient to cover everything, also the Cigarettes. At 7p.m. Vaudeville with patriotic Speeches wher held in the Austrian Hall, admittance by free tickets, also a good programs wher shown in the German Theater. On the 28th each Internee recieved 5sh out of the Canteen fund. On the 30 wher a "General Call of all internees. While on this parade every Internee wher told by the Official in charge. Those who wiche to remain in Australia to giwe their Names in to the Non comissioned Officer on the Right, those who wiche to be repatriated to the left. Of this noncomissioned officer we wher asked, wher we intendet to be send to, the Wife's adresse. Her christian Name also family name. How many children

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