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rations due. As the hunger of the Internees wher getting unbearable. This major Malloy told our food comptroller, that his orders of the Comandant Hollman wher to the effect not to issue food of any sort to the internees allthough asKed to giwe his statement in writing, he refused, saying, That's my orders. In the store of our Camp wher only Cheeses, Jam, so 10lb of cheese & 12lb tin of Jam got distributed amongst each company vic 100 Internees of all ages. As several Internees felt the pinch of hunger, many a dog & cat, wich had been the Internees pets, Killed & eaten during this afternoon. Some Internees even hawe treatened, if a horse of the belonging to the Governement enters Camp the next day, would be unharnessed & Killed for eating purposses However their treat wher in vain as no horse entered Camp, but the Auto driven Vehicles wich came to take away the offal tins outside the Kitchens to the piggery, containing only the skin, intestines, & heads of the dogs & cats eaten killed the day previously. The Comandant still is trying hard to get us Internees to Mutiny for his secret purposses but in vain, as better council amongst us Internees prevail, with the few exceptiones, as stated, if they can be regardet deterimental against the Rule of this Camp. On this day the Comandant even went a step further & issued order to turn all the Water off from our Camp. Australia, think of it without cause, without justice the Authorities responsible for Pris of War in australia shut of the Water for the use of 5000 Internees behind Barbwires witch wher all with the exception of about 185 all Civilians wich had been arested for nothing more noxious than to hawe been born in Germany & of German Parents. Is this a crime. I aske the reader, are the Children born in Allied Country born differently. What would the population of Australia say, if they read an account in the Australian Newspaper giwing an account as I

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