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we had to use as Sitting Dinning Drawing, sleeping & store Room. all day long as it wher impossible to venture out unccessaringly in the heavy rain. As mostly by all of the Internees had been interned a considerable time & as the Clothing issue by the Authority has been allways scanty & mostly of shody goods, the Internees wher compelled to use the later method as their private clothing, or else run about with a loincloth on. A good few hundert wher compelled to use the later method as their private clothing had worn out & so could not riske going out to get wett. Those who had Clothing for reasones as stated previously, not hawing facilitys for drying our Clothing, they would hawe been compelled in time to run about like Adam in the paradise, only they would have to run about in the Germ. Conc. Camp as providet by the Australian Federal Governement to their Civil Internees. As it would hawe been impossible to dry it in our shed.

Every internee lived in fear of the abattoirs as our Hospital generally got called, or to face the Butcher the Nick Name for the doctor engaged their, for allmost every Internee doubts if this Gent ever passed excaminationes to treat suffering animals, much less Human beings. So out of formerly stated reasones, we had to breathe the stuffy air of our over crowdet sheds, If it had not been for the cleanlines generaly excercised between the Internees themselves, I am positive a deadly desease of some sort would have broken out in this Camp long ago, for the cleaning facilities issued by the Authorities for our body & Camp in general wher very inadequate. Mostly all the cleaning Utensils used by Internees hawe been

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