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improper use and send Internees to Jail for disciplinary actiones, wich should hawe been punished by arrest only in the Lockup, acording to the Camp Rules & Regulationes. On Sept 5th . A spy wher cought red handet by another Internee, when this Internee acused him of spying, the Spy hit him over the head with a stone causing a ugly wound, also bit him in the cheek. When the other Internees, wher informed why the row had started, they sett upon him, but lucky for the Spy, the Military Police wher soon on the Scene, & toke him out of the Camp for protection. The Internee who had caught him, & account of his wounds wher transferred to the Hospital. The following day all company Comanders wher called before the Provost Marshall & told to notify all Inmates under their Comand, that if any fighting would again take place the Mashin Gun would be sett in motion. On the noticeboard wher the following Notice Sept 6th 1918. All fighting between Internees will be in future severely punished Bardsley Provost Marshall. This notice issued gawe the Spys selected by the Provost Marshall all the protection to do their dirty work for this Provost. On the 4th following wher send to the Camp Representation for perusal, by the provisional Camp Ballot Committee in charge of selecting a New President: The Camp Officer to be filled by the forthcoming election will be those of 7 Committee Men & 2 Auditeres whilst the Camp secretary will be appointed by the New Camp Representation out of Candidates nominated to the Camp Represantation for that office. The Secretary will be payd by the Military authorites, as hertofore & will hawe a deliberate voice

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