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may, the Internees keep quite & bear their cross quitly. On this day the Comandant under an order issued demandet voluntary labor, to proceed to the Bush, cutt & cart firewood for our kitchens inside the Compound. If this order would not be fullfilled the Kitchens would be closed from the 26th. Thereupon as the Governement had interned the majority against their will & knowing the International as Australian Rules & regulationes. We in a body demandet of the Authorities the supply of the wood & hawe same carted to the Main gate entrance wher the Internees would take posession of same & carry it on their shoulder to the respective Kitchens.

The whole inmates of this Camp are indeet very hungry as no rationes of any sort hawe been issued for the past 3 daysfresh bread for 7 days. Though the hunger wher great in our midst everyone preffered to go hungry, than to subdue to illegal rules made by the Made Officers" wich in the majority are the Officials responsible for this Camp. 26/ On this day each Internee wher issued  ½ lb bisquits in most instances broken & like dust wich had been in store for a considerable time. The taste of some of them wher horrible. The Proluted air of this Camp on account of the sanitary condition are unscribable. Everyone is of the opinion that the Authorities are bend upon to breed deadly Germs amongst our midst, so as to Kill us off, so that the civiliced world shall not hear of the dirty action comitted by the Federal Australian Governement in the treatement of the Interneesof in Australia during the 1914-1919 European Crisis , during the day the doctor Mr Sampson in company of Sergeant Grivel & the Provost Marshall wieved the unsanitary condition of this Camp. Dinnertime this day Notice wher issued that their would be a general Rollcall at 4pm Every Internee appeared to Rollcall, wich however proved a fiasco. A Nonecommissioned Officer read out to the Internees wich wher termed Revised Rules "wich wher to the effect Each internee Company will be in charge of a soldier of the Governement. In future

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