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shortly after, he felt something striking his head; thinking it to be a smal pice of wood, he priked it up & throw it outside the Barrak, when to his surprise, he hear a lant suport similar to a shot out of a Rifle. This awoke the rest of the Mess, Mates. One of them wher a former Member of the well known Emden, & when this sayd Sailor rose his head from below the blanket, he felt a heavy blow over his head, wich momentaryly stunned him. Glow wich had been sitting in his bunk, & when seeing that the Dynamite cap thrown down on top of his Mate had explodet outside & this sailor raising his head, to view wher the report had come from, this lunatic had dealt him a heavy blow over the head. Then he layd down, saying I'l blow myself up. Before any Inmates could do anything another report soundet inside of his Bunk. As he still had the stick in his hand, the Mess mates toke this away from, when they found him bleeding from the side of the body. The straw of his Mattresse had been flying all over the Mess. Shortly after the second report, the Military Police arrived on the Scene. They entered the Mess & dealt him two blows over the head with the butt end of the Revolver. As Glow wher then insensible they put the handcuffs on him, & carried him to the Main gate, wher they put him on the ground & awaited him to regain conciousnes. As he resisted again to be taken to the Lockup, he recieved another blow from Cheesers Revolver butt, wich wher a Military Police & afterwards

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