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ever had esteemed him in this Camp. This Officer had looked for trouble with the Internees whenever possible & indeet had made our Internement life allmost unbearable. During his reign hier the Lockup wher allways overfilled & I am allmost shure, that if this gentleman had not died at the front, some of the rough element confined in our midst would hawe acted with revenge for certain to had would hawe taken his life sooner or later. While in charge of this Compound this sayd Official wher well awhere of the stated facts & when Entering the Compound, wich wher very seldom he generaly wher surroundet by all the Military Police procurable also a few Guards fully armed. As the new Trial Bay Compound, known under Camp No 4 wher vastly superior build than Compound No 1, on account of the Federal Governement making two classes of its Internees vie the wealthy & the working Class, allmost all the wealthy ones, wich wher amongst our midst applied for transference ti the trial bay compound, wich in most cases got granted. On the 19 October 1918. This compound had its first issue of 1/3 lb american lard instead of the Butter ration as issued per scale, or substitute. Neither Butter or a substitute has been issued to this Camp since the middle of May, with the exception of a few times when the horrible stuff under the Name of Margarine manufactored in Sydney N.S.W. Australia got issued

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