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New Compound. Any written communicationes to gos through the Censor. Any one caught acting against this order would be severely punished. As mentioned previously every 20 yards a guard got stationed in both Camps along the fence, to see this order being carried out. Several Internees made aquaintance with the Lockup for saying Good morning, to their fellow sufferers on the other side. As I hawe it for shure from good authorities that the New arrivals hawe been sentenced to 14 days close detention for setting fire to their property in Trial Bay camp previous to leaving. However this sentence, neither the reasones for this sentence has never been officaly notified to the sentenced Internees. The Officer  €“ Internees of the Germ Imperial Armee wich had been stationed in China at the outbreak of hostilities & captured by the Japanese, wich wher amongst those New arrivals wher permitted to enter the Main Compound under guard to hawe a warm shower bath every afternoon. As mentioned previously, as this shower bath wher a private concern belonging to 2 Internees they had to pay 2 pence themselves for each shower. They wher not permitted to converse with any Internee of the Main Compound, & as soon as finished they wher led back to their Compound. The rationes issued by the Governement being hardly sufficient to keep body & soul together the Internees in the new Compound wher permitted to buy in the Canteen after the 3rd day of their arival, but only after six p.m. The Canteen got closed to the main Compound & duly open to the Inmates of the New Compound. To gain admittance a race had been made

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