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while swimming in the George River, to reach the opposite bank. He returned under guard & placed in the lockup & sentenced the following day to 2 months jail at Darlinghurst. During this month all Internees, formerly residents of Australia wher send by Post by the Authoritys forms "to furnish returns of income for taxcation during The Committee complained about this to the visitor (state Answer.) My return answer has been the following. To the Hon The Minister for taxcation Melbourne. Sir. As I am not in the posession of my private account books, I am unable to state truthfully my income during the year 1914. As I hawe been a Guest of the Federal Governement since January 1915 & interned in a Pris of War Camp, I have not don any manual labor since entering. In consequence I hawe not earned anything however as the food & clothing ration has been so scanty I hawe been compelled, to keep body & soul together, after spending all my personal cashe I had on my arrest in buying additional food & clothing to borrow the summe of  £75. Theirfore you will see, during My income has been nill expenditure  £195 Signed The Writer.

11/5 A Internee Mûller while in the Camp lockup had only 2 Blankets issued to him at Night. As the Camp regulation provides issued to him at Night. As the Camp regulation provides for 3 blankets, he complained to Police in charge of lockup. He wher taken into isolation Cell & beaten unmercifully. We Internees inside of the Main compound heard the cryes of this unfortunate Internee. To prevent us hearing the crys the

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