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In conclusion, we beg to mention that a large section of internees are in a state of great excitement over the matters just described and that there is no telling where this will lead to, if immediate redress is not given. There is a limit to the endurance of even the most strongminded person. Years of unwarranted captivity generally tend to increase the well-founded indignation and bitterness and create a dangerous and mutinos frame of mind.

If our demands should not be promptly acceeded to, we and dour families shall find ways and means to put before the Parliamentary Representatives and the Public the full details not only of this last outrage but of the continual insults offered to interned Australian Subjects. Efforts may then be made to gag us as has already been attempted, but for any developments that may then happen, the Federal Authorities must take the responsibility. They have now been warned often enough. Up to now they have ostrich-like buried their heads in red-tape and professed to be ignorant of what is going on. It is high time, the Minister of Defence Department, so that this intolerable suspicion and unfairness is removed from the Australian Government's dealings with its own subjects, even if they are interned subjects.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter and oblige.

Yours faithfully,

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