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but to be either termed as Internees, Prisoners of War or Germans. The Internees demandet to be termed as entered in the Camp books, Workers by this sergeant, but refused to be called Huns. As the sergeant insisted in calling them Huns, they in a body downed tools & returned to Camp. During this month our issue of butter wher american lard. Also the Authoritys issued to each internee the summer clothing comprising of white linen trousers with 2 inch brown stripe down the leg part & a Coat of same material with 1 foot square braun diamond at the Back. In fact this suit looked indeet like convicts garb why the federal Governement has gone to the unecessary expencess, to hawe the brawn stripes sewn into the wearing appearal, as the Manufactor & contracter will hawe certainly payd for the extra work. In addition to the suit we recieved a coarse shirt & a linnen Hat. 17 October 1918 A Internee (Heine) a Nuturaliced Australian (Heine) wich had been a resident of Australia for the past 14 years, & wich had been in buisness as Hairdresser & tobacconist in Melbourne since his arrival in the Comonwealth, recieved this day Notice from the Military that his Wife, wich wher english born but had arrived during her childhood days in the Comonwealth had died in October 7th at her residence in Melbourne. As Melbourne is 665 Miles from this Camp, & a daily Express train runs from their to Sydney, also wich has a telephonic comunication with this Camp, it toke the Notice 10 days to reach hier. A short time ago, another Internee (Sholz) wich was also married to an englishe Wife recieved recieved Notice, that his Wife had been transferred to the lunatic Asylum six months previously. Another Internee (Ziemendorg)

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