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instances part of the contents missing. If I ever send a parcel containing products of this Camp to my family I never wher certain if it would arrive, either the condition. A jewel Box toke 4 months to reach the adresse at Koogarah less than 20 miles from hier, after a lot of Corespondence, same wher discovered in the Sydney Railway station. A big carved picture frame toke 2 months to reach S.A. after a lot of coresponde & complaints to the Departement in charge of Parcels hier. A Internee from S.A. send to his Children in Maitland, S.A. a box containing a Dolls sweep of furniture made by himself containing 38 pices for Xmas present. The Journey from Liverpool to Maitland generaly takes the Mail 7 days at most however this parcel toke 3 weeks to reach its destination, minus 18 of the best pices & the others mostly broken & damaged. The Internees when sending this parcel had everything securely paket first in a tin thance in a wooden box. This Internee applied for damages of the Railway Commissioner for damages, however his complaint has been ignored & never recieved a reply untill his release
October 1918. February comenced again with heavy rain & in consequent of the bad drainage the Camp is a sea of mud. This makes our life in hier allmost unbearable on account of Mud & acomodation facility for drying facility. On account of the Rain we 4500 Internees wher compelled to remain in the overfilled sheds called barraks morning noon & night only venturing out if forced at Mealtimes to the Kitchen 400 yards distant, to get our food on shallow plates to return in quik haste to our stables. To our Hotel acomodation "fit only for a pig if the Society for Dumb animals does not know of it wich amounted to the space refered on several former ocassion

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