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& not combatants, We adher to the International Rules made by the Hague Convention & signed by all Nationes England includet that the Governement who detains Prisoners of War, is responsible to food clothe & house same. That the treatement shall be human. As armistice has been signed in Europe months ago & we are 14000 Miles from the field of battle, we in a body, at least those who hawe families in Australia depending on them think it injustifiable for the Governement to keep us detained, especially as Reports in the dailys state daily of the arival of Pris of War, wich had been captured & released by the Etente Powers. Theirfore, We think we are justified the Know of the reasones Why does the Australian Federal Governement keeps us detained against our will, longer than is necessary & so wastes Public Money needet in the Upkeep of this Camp, wich could be used of a more beneficial source to Australia itself.

This Camp, Holdsworthy is indeet a disgrace to Australia & its principles. As the doings of Germany hawe been spread broadcast by a Capitalistic Press, so the doings of the Internal Affairs the treatement of Pris of War includet will be spread broadcast & I will predict that it will take years for Australia to wipe out that remaining stigma, as Australia will be in need of capitalistic assistance in the near future they will certainly meet with a certain amount difficulties in procuring the much needet Capital, for how will a Capitalist trust the promisses of the Governement, who has confiscated, all the Money & Buismen as well as shares, belonging to Enemy born subject, if nationaliced or not invested in Australia & so has ruined many. Who can see into the not too distant future, who are friends at present, will be enemys than

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