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As told the writer by the asulted Internee shortely after he return out of the hospital.

22/1917. During the afternoon a Lieut with Private Clifford came into the arest Cell. It was about 5.30pm The Lieutenant ordered me into the isolation Cell, wich I obeyed instantly. He told the Private to quiten me, if they could not to [indecipherable] my head off. Shortly after 5 Military Police I recognised Corporal Chesser, Corporal Foote, one nicknamed The Swede & Long Tom or Tiny as generally called, the other unknown. Long Tom came first into the Cell & kicked me into my stomach. I fell to the ground. Then Chesser with assistance handcuffed me on legs & hands. Than they gaged me with the asistance of a broom handle, during the struggle of the gagging I lost 3 front teeth, than the whole Military Police asulted me with hand & feet, than left me bruised all over & nearly suffocating on account of the gag. After a long while, I managed to shift the gag by rubbing same against the wall. When I had my mouth free, I admit I kicked up a bit of a noise, to come to undo my handcuffs. Thereupon the Police came again & asulted & regaged me. During this struggle I broke Corporal Chessers Wristlet Watch, Thereupon he kicked me in the stomach saying I have no more to do with this f  €“ Bastard & walked out, also calling the other police to withdraw

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