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finishe their search, with the result, that another altercation toke place with the result, that two more shots got fired by the guards, but lucky, both missed their mark. Theirupon the Internees came out & the soldiers finished their fruitless search. Thereupon the Internees wher ordered into their Campaign & locked in. To show to the reader, how the authorities misslead the public to the true facts of the ocurence & the treatement recieved state accounts of Sydney Daily. To make the Story of the Military look through true, the Military Police arrested inside the Camp one Internee & charged him with, trying to escape. This arrestant wher an Austrian & hardly able to converse in english. He wher tried by Officials of this camp & sentenced to 14 days solid confinement on bread & water, on a trumped up charge.

6/ On this day each Internee recieved a smal towel, about 24 by 12 inches. On this day the woundet internee of Singh Singh compound wher putt under Chloroform for the period of 2 hours, as the bullet had enter the Butthook & splintered the bone, previous to its excite. The medical doctor wired the bone together & the operation proved generaly suxcessfull (State report of the Deffence departement regarding the Camp in the Daily). This is a very missleading report & contradictory to true facts. On the day in question the Consuls was reported to visit the Camp & as per rule any Internee wishing to see same must put request in duplicate writing. This Consul remained to listen to complaints for half an hour, when he seen that to listen to all Internees, wiching to see him would take him allmost the best part of the day.

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