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Hague Convention predicts. A Committee wher selected but previously same could take steps as ordered by the Internees, they wher ordered to park, their belongings for transference into the Trial Bay Compound. My experience wile hier has proven, that whenever, the Camp insist to hawe a case remedied, no matter how justified same may be, the leaders wher soon separated from this Camp, if he belonged to the wealthy class, he wher transferred into the Trial Bay Compound, if he belonged to the Working class he wher interned in Singh Singh under the charge of entering into actiones, deterimental to the good conduct of the Camp. During this time the following Claims wher forwardet to the Officials in charge of this Camp Notice Claims against the Comonwealth Governement for alleged loss or damage to Luggage, personal belongings & Parcels. A large number of claims hawe been considered by the luggage board & in order to reach some finality it is hereby directed that any Internee, who alleges that he has a claim, as above mentioned & had not allready submitted to such claims shall forthwith submitt his claim in writing to the Secretary Departement of Deffence. All such claims must be submitted before the thirtieth day of Sept 1918 & after that date no claims will be entertained for any loss or damages wich occurred prior to that date. Any Internee who has allready submitted his claim is not to submit the same again. No notice will be taken of any claims resubmitted. Signed R.C. Hollman. Needless to say that claims wher send in gallore, & if every Internee

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