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nothing deterimental to the Camp Rules wher found. This search had been ordered by Cob Hollmann, upon the order recieved from the Minister of Deffence, to instigate a search hier, wich would disover the way, in wich letter, adressed to Labor Member of the Federal & State Parliament found secretly their way to the adreses without the permission of the censer, wich would shurly not have been permitted them to pass. All Internees subdued to this search, with the exception of Father ferger, who wher ordered to return to the Camp, however two hours after, wher permitted to proceed to the visiting ground. As the Internee(Heine) whos Wife had died in Melbourne, & the Authorities only notified same 10 after the Burial, had send a letter to the Minister of Deffence Senator Pearce, through this secret channel got arrested & remained in the lockup for 12 days under the charge of Committee for trial for writing & adressing an offencive & abusive letter to the Minister of Deffence insofern the Internee had told in writing his Viewpoint about the shamefull treatement recieved since his Wifes death, that his Home house & business had been deserted, & no one left in charge, upon asked to be permitted to go under guard to Melbourne to attend to his property & put in proper care, this had been refused, wher released, although the Internee demandet to be Court marshialed, so as to enable him, to let the outside world know, how Civilisation & humanity wher dealt out to Australian internee, this request never got granted, but forced him out of the Police Station into the Main compound. This Internee complained & demandet a Court marshial of the Offi-

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