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In short everyone to mind his own business. If the Soldiers wher looking for trouble, not to answer, but to retreat to their Barracks. It wher the cool way & the discipline Keept amongst us Internees, wich brought us many a admirer from the guards & their Officers to sympatise with us. The Lieut Col. Hollman the Comandant had expressed his View on the day when the company Comanders resigned in the presence of Mr Zimmerman the Head company Comander formerly President of this Camp, that within 4 days we Internees would come crawling to him & eat out of his hand. The time giwen by this Comandant had passed & his desire had been in vain. Several Officers & Soldiers encouraged us, to stick it out, Knowing we wher in our Rights & that the Comandant would hawe to giwe in. As the Closets hawe not been cleansed since the last forcible cleaning, the Pans are overfilled & the air proluted with foul air. Upon another request to grant us the waggon to enable us to attend to the Closets wher refused this day. To let more of his spite loose, the Comandant withheld the Films wich had arived from Sydney for the Private Picture Shows inside the camp, wich wher enterprises of Civilian Internees. To enable us to stick out in our right & justified cause, as long as possible, the Butcher shops, wich also wher civilian Internees property & Bakershops asisted generously in giwing all the foodstuffs on hand voluntary to the Internees Kitchens. This wher a great asistance indeet, as the Cooks, had indeet used up the Remnants of the Remnants. The Coffees & Restaurants wher requested by Representation, to pool all foodstuffs & hand same over to the Kitchens for the benefitt of Internees generally. Upon this presentation several Private Persons of the more wealthy class handet foodstuffs in smaler quantities willingly over to the Internees Kitchens for General, use, to ease the

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