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Barbwire, hawing their own Kitchens & washing Place, also the big Austrian Hall. Allthough the camp wher suroundet by barbwire, the M Gate remained open both day & Night so we Internees could mingle still as previously, only Austrians had their Barraks apart from the Germans. As the totall of the Austrians amounted to 1600 they wher better off than we Germans & the dozend Turks, as we remaning 3500 had 2 Kitchens 1 Washing place & 1 Coldshower bath, while the Austrians had 1 Kitchens 1 shower bath & 1 Water Closets. On the 14th this month a young Internee (F Glow) lost his reason. This lad of 25 years of age, wich had been taken of an american Sailing ship on its arrival in Sydney by the authoritys in 1919. As he had been employed in the Quarry close to the Camp, as general worker for 1 Sh per half day work, he aquired the knowledge, how to use dinaniyt dynamite. Lately he had kept himself away from everybody & could allways be noted to walk about either brooding or speaking to himself. Half of the Nights he wandered abut Camp: If asked by the Police, why he wasn't in his barraks, he answered I cannot sleep. During the morning of this date, he returned to his Men at 4am and layd in his Bunk. About 1 hour later, he awoke another Internee wich sleept below him & put an unprintable proposition before him, with the advice "I'l give you 5 minutes time to consider it, else I'l blow your head off. As Glow returned to his Bunk, the Internee spoken to, dit not take any further notice knowing, that his mind was unhinged. But

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