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Military Police ceased, however at 8 a.m. they returned again & marched him off to the Soldiers excercise ground  ¼ mile away handcuffed, hier they sett upon him & beat him into insensibility & left him laying on the ground handcuffed untill 6 a.m. when he wher picked up by orderlies & 5 days after put into Hospital for treatement wher he remained. On the 20th at 6 a.m. a train load of Internees arrived who had been interned at Trial Bay. This Internees wher mostly of the Capitalistic Class & the Trial Bay Camp wher known to us, as a Good Camp, wher the libertys wher not so rigid, neither was discipline. At 8 a.m. they entered into the newly errected barraks, build on the formerly excercise ground wich however had been had been separated from our Camp by means of a Row of 8 barbwires 7 feet high. The day previously the Authoritys had errected a special structure in front of the Camp Port Office in line wich divides the 2 Camps at 8 a.m.. A machine Gun got carried up in parts & put together also ammunitiones galore. The Gun stood 20 feet high & attendet by a Gunner. I personaly seen the Catridgebelt fully loadet & the Gun ready at Moments Notice to be used, why is a mistery to the Writer as the Handshaking & conversationes between the Internees wher of the happiest. At 9 a.m. the second trainload arrived with Internees of the same Camp of New S.20 previously they wher compelled to go under a close surveilance, also a close search wher made of each Internee also their propertys. The propertys got returned to the Owner 3 days after the arrival. Of the information I personaly with some of those

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