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alert watching, so the escapee got challenged to halt, wich he dit, this gawe the others a chance to escape, when the Police arrived they only found the one, & placed some in the lockup 14 another Internee tried to escape at the same place & same way this one also got detected & placed in the Lockup. This last Internee know beforehand that his attempt would be unsucessfull, but as he explained to me personally, that he wished to get a change & a trip to Darlinghurst to break the Monotony. 15/ A Internee wich had looked upon the Canvas suit issued to us by the Authorities, on account of the large diamond at back as a convict garb, had painted upon it Gott strafe England" he got arrested & recieved the next day 1 month darlinghurst jail. The illicit Whiskey stills wher in full swing, the prices ranging from 6 to 12 Sh according to quality. Internees carried smal flaskes in their pockets & hawking it by the Nobbers each Nobbler costing 3 pence. 19/ The Authority providet the Inmates with some labor as they started to build 16 Barracks 4 shools & 1 Bakery. The work on the Barraks got hurried as even on a Sunday, the Internees hammered all day along under order of the Authoritys for same pay, to hawe same ready in specified time. State [indecipherable] letter re the Camp Conditiones to the Official visitor. 22/ A Internee wich wher employed as a Carpenters labor, toke a plank upon his shoulder & went pass the guard towards the hospital, as he had eludet the guard he made for the bushe, thance to the George River. As shortly after he wher missed at work, the lighhorse guard wher send out to scout for the Internees, wich they recaptured 3 hours after

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