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the forenoon several post put into the ground by Internees for the use of stretching clothes lines had been remowed & taken to the Kitchens & used as firewood, as this material wher getting scarce. Several articles wher found & confiscated. During the forenoon a wagon drove into Camp in charge of a soldier driver & several soldiers. They cleared the Sanitary Store of everything wich had been keept their ein since the commencement of the Camp & carted outside. During this day the Military Police inside of our Compound recieved Reinforcement. During the afternoon the majority of Internees, who had asisted in cleaning the premises explained Water closets wher arrested & placed in the Lockup. The Names of those Internees had been giwen by Spys interned amongst us & in the pay of the Military Authorities. A request signed by every Internee demanding the instant release & return to our midst of all internees victimised by the Authorities during this Protest wher refused. No Provission of any sort to us 5000 Internees has been issued during the last 3 days. To make the provision on hand wich had been saved by the Kitchens as our rationes hawe been issued to us daily, we had to excist Trou Rationes Our ration on this day being  ¼ pint of tea for breakfast 4 ounces potatoes  ¼ pint weak tea for dinner,  ¼ pint of tea for supper. Nothing else. As stated previously the Comandant had refused to drive the necessary wood for the Kitchens to the gate, the Internees gathered Benshes, Stuhls tables & Clothes poles for the Kitchen use, to keep the fires going Allmost all the Open air linobenshes, manufactured by the Internees out of bush timber found its way into the Kitchen. As no food rationes had been issued to us for several days the Internees food Comptroller emptied the foodstore for the General Internees benefitt, as the food Comptroller of the Military Major Malloy had refused upon several requests by this Internee to issue to us our

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