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giwe regarding the treatement. Would they be quite. I guse Father Gergers words wich he used before the visiting Justice Harvey on March the 7th during the enquirey by this sayd Hon Judge "As true as there is a Good above me, beleave me, I am telling no untruth, when I say. It is a wonder to me, how those Men hawe stood it all, all in perfect silence. Upon this news every one rushed the taps to proccure water for the day at any rate. Than all the water ceased to flow out of the taps. During the day, as several wher in need of a drink & trying the taps layd on in diverse places they found one still running. When the military seen this they looked for the Valve, to turn this off also, but wher unable to find it. They called the Internee, who had been looking after all the taps & valves inside our Camp & requested of him to be shown wher the valve was. However this Internee gused a lie, to the General Camps benefitt, & answered, that he wher unable to do so on account not Knowing himself. In company of the Soldier this Internee made a pretented search for the valve, but needless to say without avail. The Internee had covered this valve with a bag, that's why, it had been overlooked. From this one single valve 5000 Internees procured their necessary water for the following days untill everything wher settled. Also all the Water used in the Kitchens wher got secretly from this tap, greatly to dismay of the Officers comanding this Camp. First they tried with hunger to fall to the deadly trap sett for us all Internees when this failed they tried with Water also. Herein they failed also & the trap still remains open, but not to close on us Internees through our doings or fault. For discipline is the daily Watchword. Shouting & speaking to Soldiers strictly forbidden.

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