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they hawe either property wich they wiche to dispose of previously to their departure or else their Wifes & family & the duties attached their to compelled them to remain. On the 17th the turn of the Internees of Queensland, wher asked de same questiones. I am positive about 75&percnt will leave Australia of the total Internees at the end of hostilities. On this day after 4  ½ years of the Camp existence, electric light wher installed into the Music Pavillion. Up till now the evening concert, to asist the Internees to help them to forget their hard life had been giwen with the asistance of stable lanterns & a few carbide lamps, manufactored in the Camp, by the Internees themselves (State Sydney labor Council entered a protest to the Federal Governement, re us Internees & the illigal detainement of the Civilians of Australia behind Barbwire, as Armistic has been signed months ago by all the beligerents. On this day a young russian, wich had been taken of a Steamer of wich he wher passenger in China, bound for the Philipines Island to releave the Russian Consul their, hawing being send their by the Bolshevick Governement of that Plation. This Gentleman, who wher 27 years of age, Engeneur by trade & a linguist of 7 languages, wher transferred hier from the Monogle Camp. The writer has it personally from this Sayd Gentleman, that the Australian Military Authorities, had wher still demanding of same, to sign a Austrian Name. As he had refused they had sentenced same to 7 day Lockup. He admitted to be a Bolshevick. All his luggage wher still labelled with Russian Railway labels. This unfortunate Gentle

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