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W.C. in a very unhealthy state. As shovels brooms wheelbarrow & disinfectants are locked away & the Keys in posession of the Authorities. Are the officials bend on breeding germs amongst our midst, to wipe out all Internee from the face of the Earth, or try to compell the Internees to Mutiny, to enable them to committ & wholesale slaughter with deadly bullets. The Pans amounting to about 120 wich had been in constant use by about 5000 Internees for close on 8 days wher in consequence over-filled & request wher made to the Comandant to grant us the Night-soil wagon to be permitted to enter the Camp, as the Internees voluntary would clean all the closets & bring the waggon to the gate hawing being refused, the Officials persisting in the Internees carrying the open Pans to the gate the Reader can gues the state of affairs this Camp has been in. Outside the Camp, the Law reignis among Civilians to asist the Authorities in stamping out the flu, while the Officials under this same Governements Rule breed deadly desease germs in a compound only 4 Miles from the main Railway line & Civilication. On this day the Authorities closed the Pris of War Canteen all money send in to the Compound & all registered mails. To enforce hunger all the orders issued by the Shops inside the Camp for transmission to sydney wher withheld, also all ariving parcels & boxes containing foodstuff, with the exception of perishable goods, like fruit ectra. The Camp Authorities try to force, to the Writers opinion, in with hunger to mutiny, as to enable them to carry out their dastardly act. On this day as no firewood has been issued this Camp for 3 days & as several barraks vacated by the transmission of the Austrians to the new barraks, & wich since had been Keept empty although the Barraks wher over filled wher demo-

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