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also letter of protest of Womens. Rivers recapture also Soldiers resolution. In the 4th Seaman & Carre wher rearested (state account of the 5). On the morning of the 5th A Sergeant know to us under the name of Ginger Cat the Internee wait on the Paradeground out of motives of his own though all Internees wher awaiting for his service to count us, previously to being permitted to recive the breakfast. We in consequences of this action in conjunction of the cooks had to wait to please this Sergeant. When upon several request to count the sergeant refused, all Internees broke loose & proceedet to recieve our Coffee. A Internee who had put before the Lieutenant his complaint regarding this action of the Sergeant to wher arrested & placed in the lockup. As about 1000 Internees gathered around this Officer & protested against this wrongfull arrest, all the Military turned out in force, arived with loadet battons & revolvers amongst the Internees & dispersed same with treats of all sorts. The Internees retreated to their barracks, & dit not giwe the Police the least pertext, to make use of any wappon, becourse if 1 Internee had been hit by one of the Police, the writer is positive, that their would hawe been a general riot in the Camp, & no doubt also bloodshed, all on account of the unjust action of a Internee Sergeant, who had allways acted spitefull, & has looked for to incite trouble amongst the Internees whenever on duty. During the forenoon another Internees got arrested for breaking away from the parade ground & also placed in the Lockup. The Comandant held a formaly enquiry. No Internee wher granted a hearing allthough all the Military wher called before him & heard. At the end of about 2 hours the Internees present to giwe evidence, wher ordered back to the Compound while the arestants wher taken back to the Lockup, under the order, Court is adjourned untill tomorrow. On the morning of the 6th the wittness of the prosecution wher again heard by the Comandant, but none for the deffence, allthough 7 Wittnesses wher waiting. The Comandant ordered

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