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placed in Germ jails instead a Internement Camps, as this is justified under the Rules of the Hague Convention. Theirfore the quick & urgent transportation to this Camp. The Reader might think How does the Writer know of all this facts, but the reader can rest assured, that the facts are true ones, how they came to my knowledge, is a secret only known to a few Internees.

4 June this day a new ration of foodstuffs got issued to the Camp, wich wher the following/pro Man.Meat or fresh fish 10 ounces daily. Bread 16 ounces daily or Ryflower 12 oz Oattmeal 8 ounces, fresh vegetables including potatoes 8oz tea  ½ oz or Coffee 3/4 oz Jam 2oz or margarine 1oz Sugar 2oz salt  ½ oz or pepper 1/72 oz Peas 2oz or barley 2 oz or tapioca 2oz or rice 2 oz or sago 2 oz or beans 2oz Condensed Milk 1/20 of a smal tim containing 14 ounces this former wher the daily ration in adition their wher 4oz cheese weekly Signed Holdsworthy June 4th 1918. L. Molloy Major A & I Staff Qmaster G.C.C. This date we had 5 shilling issued to each Internee out of the Conteen proffit fund 6/- 2 pair of axes also a smal towel issued to each Internee, both articles wher of a poor & shoddy quality, in most cases secondhand. 8/ The Internees wich had sellected a Committee in mangarate a exhibition of entirely Camp made products, opened their exhibition today in the so called Skating Ring, a smal hall afterly used as a Private Mowing Picture show. The whole proceeds after necessary expenses being deducted to goe entirely to the Tombstone fund to decorate the Graves of Internees wich had died during their

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