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5 months. B. No article or garment will be exchanged unless it has seen reasonable time in wear & show proper treatement. C. Boots A A fresh issue of boots will not be made so long as the old pair are fitt to be repaired. D. Before fresh articles of any discriptiones will be issued the old articles of any discriptiones will be issued the old articles must be returned to Store. Signed L Molloy Major. To inform the reader what reasonable time of wear means, as informed me personally at the Camp Ordanance Store by the Military Official in charge Captain Stewart is the following. Overcoat wich is factory made & of inferior quality 3 year Cardigan jacket wich is of wool & Cotton 3 years singlets & boots untill they cannot be mendet. We must buy everything to do the mending with also the material with the exception of soles for the boots, these the Governement supplies is with, however, the rest of the necessary tools we must supply ourself with, or else pay another internee to do it for us. On May 12 we wher notified to safe our jam tins as the jam would be supplied in large tins on the 14th. A wagon droven by a Soldier entered Camp loadet with Kerosine tins containing jam. The tins proved to be in most instances old & Rusty7 both on the out & inside some even had about  ½ inch of Kerosine floating on top of the jam. When the company Comanders noticed this, they in a body refused to accept same for our consumption & the waggon left the Maingate with the same quantity as when he entered it. On the 17th also 3 days after this refusal we wher notified by the Military Official

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