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only. The auditores will be acting in an honorary capacity. Candidates for the position of Auditores will be nominated by the Camp but only those will be illigable who will be aproved by the present election Committee. Payment or otherwise of the Members of the Camp Represantation will be left to the decission of the Camp, such decission to be expressed on the voting paper. If a remunberation is deceidet upon its decission to be expressed on the voting paper. If a remuneration is deceiddet upon it must in no instance be payd but of military funds. Mode of electiones. The 7 Committee men & the 2 Auditores will be elected by the Camp on the principle of one Man one vote. The voting paper will be devidet into 3 sectiones (A) Camp Committee: No.1 6 general representation, who must hawe full command of the German languages. No 1 representative of Croationes. B 2 Auditores. C Payment of Comittee members 1) No pay 2) 1sh per day 3) 2sh per day. A voting paper is only valid, if it shows the names of 5 candidates. Under AI the name of each Candidate under A 2 nominated by the Croatiens Austrians) Candidates for A & B will be ellected by single majority; in case of a tie lots will be drawn. Only such Candidates who hawe full comand of the German language are eligible for the position of President. Of these the one who obtained the largest Number of Votes is elected president of the Camp Represantation providet that at least two thirds of all the valid votes cast are in his faver. If he has not obtained this 2/3 majority of votes, a second ballot is to be held. 7 days after the first ballot between him & the Committee Member who polled the next highest number of votes.

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