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To return to the life of the Camp. I have seen 2/6 being offered for one well known Capstan Cigarette, used to be procurable at the rate of 8 for 3 pence previous to the Protest or Strike & still the offerer had to goe without, as non wher forthcoming. During the Evening of the day 12 Internees, in all instances, old & feeble Internees colapsed on account of Weakness, the result of hunger. They wher taken to the gate & handet to the Military, the Provost Marshall Drumond promissing, that he would do all in his power to see that they would receive food. I heard that they hawe been taken charge of by the ambulance & taken to the hospital for treatement. During this afternoon a young Internee to escape the pangs of hunger & so preffered life inside jail, feinted a escape, by going through the Barbwire fence in broad daylight while guards, wher stationed all around. One guard fired a shot into the air, & the soldier Internee remained on the spot outside the fence untill the Police arived & the Darlinghurst jail 28/ The following Notice wher issued to the Camp. A Muster Parade will be held at 8.30am on March 1st (Saturday) & if the dicipline is satisfactory & no absentees to Company Comanders are elected for every Company the Authorities will confer with the Company Comanders with a View to remowe some of the present restrictiones Signed R Holman.

During the evening, the Internees who had been arested, becourse they had poured the Contents of the W.C. through the canal of the Camp deep drainage as no other escape could be found, to get out of the unsatisfactory state of Affairs concerning our health, wher transferred to the Darlinghurst Jail, handcuffed under a heavy armed guard.

[Transcribed by Margaret Broadfoot for the State Library of NSW]

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