Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 158

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by the Authorities of Col. Holman Captain Bardsley VI. To the in the Camp required work as the Sanitary Gang, Cooks & Cookmates muss be payd by the required daily wages. VII. The Camp is in a body behind the Person who brings this our terms before the respektive authorities in charge of Internees in Australia. As stated previously no foodstuff of any sort being issued to us & the Governement foodstufs saved of formerly rationes hawing being used we excisted on Iron Ration, made out of the foodstuffs presented to the Camp by Buisness & Civilian Internees amongst our midst mostly. Our daily food on this day wher the following Breakfast  ¼ pint weak tea & a bit poridge. No bread. Dinner  ½ pint peasup &  ¼ pint tea for supper  ¼ pint of tea. Is it a wonder to the Reader if I say Hunger wher great amongst our midst. But we wher compelled to live on this, as the foodstuffs available to us Internees would last untill Sunday next under the issue of the amount as stated previously. I do not excagerate when I state hier, that I hawe seen Cats & dogs hawe been Killed & eaten by some hungry Internees, not becourse they wher fond of eating the Kind of diet, but wher compelled on account of hunger. The Hide, intestines & Heads of this animals wher the only thing the offal tins contained taken out daily for delivery to the Piggery as per Governement Contracts. Hawing carried the Heads of this animals is excageration of the Daily reports. However with daily reports, I will deal later separately, to show the Public, how the press endeavores to misslead the public now, as during the past & Keeps the Public of the true facts in ignorance, out of fear of the Censor. Several Internees, who wher afraid of loosing their pets Keept same tied up inside their Barraks. I hawe seen Cats tied up, like dogs & miowing all day long, as they are not used to this

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