Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 157

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Hunger prevailing inside the compound. All the Shops willingly gawe also their firewood wich they had bought before the Protest "of the military for the Kitchens use. The Butcher Shops, also gawe their big Chopping blocks, so our Kitchen wher providet with another days fuel, to the dismay of the Comandant. During the afternoon following Notise wher issued us: The Comandant has been in reciept of several views concerning the present unrest in the Compound. It is hereby giwen for general information that I. Every Internee muss appear on paradeground twice per day, as formerly, when the bugle sounds. II Every company will select again its Company Comanders, wich resigned at the comencement of the present unrest. When this request has been fullfilled, will the Camp Authorities issue new revised Rules to the Compound, and when they think fitt will so don hawe the present restrictiones withdrawn. Signed R Hollman Comandant. On the following day, everything wher quit inside the Compound. A Notice wher issued to use 28/2. It is herby notiefied for general information, that all Internees inside the Compound, who hold exccemption cards, are to hand same to the Police at the Maingate not later than 2 p.m. this day. This does not aply to Internees who hold excemptiones for medical Reasones. Signed D Drumond Lieut. Provost Marshal. As no food had been issued to us in either shape or form for days past. A smal committee amongst us Internees, issued the following petition to be signed by the Internees, to be handet to the comandant. The Camp demands I. The Authorities to issue us instantly foodstuffs. Firewood ectra. II The instantly return of those Internees, who hawe been arrested in consequence of this by the Authorities called strike. III A Garantie from a responsible Quarter (a person promise not to be accepted) when the release, or the repatriation will take place. IV Instant release or the repatriation of those who wich to remain in Australia. V. The instant remowal

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