Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 130

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afternoon the Reply of the Doctor arrived, reading. Case critically advise to come. Doctor Roe during the Evening the reply of the Deffence Departement arived, reading. Request cannot be granted . Grumble Secretary. Though, this Internee offered to pay all necessary expences for himself to guard the Departement refused to see each other, previous to death intervening 13/ 5 Internees being release 4 brothers born in Australia of Germ decent, who had been interned as the writer has it personally of the sayd Brothers, out of spite becourse they had refused to enlist allthough hawing being requested to do so by the Deffence departement (Derhert). The other (Kleine) wher of Germ birth, nationaliced in Australia for 1/4 century. During the outbreak of War, this Internee, wher in Germany on a visit. When the Germ. Governement started to intern Civilians, wich wher in 1915, they interned this sayd Gentleman becourse he wher a Australian Nationalised subject & repatriated to Australia in 1916. But upon his arival hier he wher detained by the Authoritys & interned in the Germ Conc. Camp hier. Through the information recieved by the Committee of his experience regarding the Internement Camp Ruhleben Germany wher all Civilians wher detained, the Camp Committee forwardet the Request stated formerly, to hawe the Standard of this Camp equall to that prevailing in Ruhleben. Under oath this Gentleman proved to the Camp Committee the difference excisting between both Camps both in food quality & treatement On this day the inmates of the Singh Singh Compound wher escorted under the guard of 22 soldiers & Captain Bardly mounted for a walking exercise outside of their Compound. The amount of Internees numbering 29 this wher the first exercise granted to those Internees by the authorities outside of their compound since errection in 1916. This granting of the exercise had

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