Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 89

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of each ward, as the beds wher all full. A Mess Mate wich had been carried by the Ambulance from this Camp to the Hospital gawe me the following experience. As the Hospital wher crowded both beds & floor space, he had been put into a military tent wich had been errected to receive patients. The Medical doctor visited each Internees once per diem, in the meantime Noncomissioned Officers wher in charge of them wich attendet them during the rest of the day. As they belonged to the ambulance Corps & Soldiers, receiving 8.35 per diem, they only attendet in most cases their duty when the Ross (the doctor) wherabout, any other time the patients wher neglected. So as not to remain under their care too long the Ambulance orderlies, seen to it, that the food rationes wher very sparcely & fine cut dealt out to the patients, as when they wher hungry & able to crawl they would demand, to be permitted to return to the Main compound wich in most Cases got granted. The food consisted for every sick Internee wich wher bedridden of 2 smal slices of bread & milk, wich consisted of 1 part condensed Dairy Milk & 3 parts of Water. If they wher convalecent they would receive the ordinary Camp food. Although the Doctor ordered in a few instances, that the patients should receive eggs, to build up his constitution, never recieved same, untill a patient had complained to the doctor, when those who wher ordered egg diet recieved I egg per diem. It has been proven that the orderlys withheld the eggs for their personal

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