Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 65

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arrangements arrival & distribution of mail from Europe, becourse we persume, that the main reason in its delay is the Censorship at the Censor depot Sydney. (State the view of the Paper). On the 7th August the Camp Representation recieved the following corespondence. To the President G.C.C. Liverpool Sir. I have to aknowledge the reciept of your communication of the 1inst & the copies of the corespondence attached thereto with the Comandant of Camps concerning the irregularity of supply & of the unsatisfactory quality of certain ration for Internees & desire to inform you that represantation as requested are being made to the Deffence Departement Melbourne in the Matter. You will be duly advised of the departemental reply on this conditiones. I remain respektfully Max Rutty Acting Consul for Swizerland. Similar corespondence wher recieved from the Swedish Consul concerning the Complaints of the Austrian Internees. The wearing appearal issue wher as formerly mentioned, being scarce & inadequate to Internees & on account of the Winter season now setting in, those without means are compelled to run allmost naked or very scanty clad. Some even hawe made out of their blankets or shirt or pair of trousers to cover their body & so keep the cold out. This last venture however got stopped when an elderly Internee quatered in the Old Mens Compound recieved 28 days Lockup for destroying Governement Property. This old Internees wher send to Darlinghurst Jail. About this time 3 Internees who had escaped out of hole in exercise paddoc wher recaptured in Brisbane, Queensland about 800 Miles

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