Item 12: Frank W. Bungardy narrative of life in Holsworthy Internment Camp, ca. 1915-March 1919 - Page 41

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the barraks at 8.15 a.m. While the Police & Soldiers wher searching for them outside the Barbwire, they wher inside of the Camp & hawing a good laugh at the hoax. 10 a.m. one of them (Bach) wher noticed by the Military Police sitting in one of the Camp Coffees hawing breakfast. He arrested same & placed him in the Lockup, wher he remained 3 days & becourse he had denied allways of hawing escaped he returned to Camp as the Military wher unable to prove the escape, but had sentenced him for 3 days lockup for failing to be On Rollcall. State Newspaper report of glorious capture of the Escapee Barks b the Military Police close to the Camp. 12/2 Internees wher captured at 6 p.m., hawing being given away by Camp spies sitting in this came previously explanted hohle. The Search partie, consisting of 27 soldiers & a Captain, told them to come up and toke same to the Lockup & charged for trying to desert. On this day the Camp wher notified that each Internee would recieve  ½ lb of Butter per week instead of jam also little of cheese instead of other food as granted under our food regulationes. All of us Internees saw notice the economy at the Internees expence. President Conc Camp Representation. I would aske you to promolgate to all concerned the following. A That no specified period is layd down for wich clothing issued to Internees is to last with the exception of part worn boots, wich are to last

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